How to Make Inquiries About Employers?

Young woman searching for the information about an employer.

When you are about to send your resume to a company, it is crucial to have a thorough understanding of the company’s reputation in the labor market as an employer. To ensure a more informed and effective job search, it is essential to gather as much information about the company as possible beforehand. This article is a guide on how to find out about potential employers.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Why is it important to make inquiries about employers?

There are two primary reasons to conduct research on potential employers:

1. To avoid “failing” an interview.

When attending an interview, it is essential to demonstrate a clear understanding of the company’s mission, operations, goals, successes, and challenges. This knowledge helps candidates avoid appearing unprepared and asking uninformed questions. It also enables them to determine if the job aligns with their career aspirations based on preliminary information.

2. To prevent the disappointment of accepting a job only to become disillusioned shortly after.

In a crisis, job searching can be a time-consuming and demoralizing process, potentially draining one’s savings and optimism.

Where can you find information about employers?

Here are the sources to gather information about potential employers:

1. Employer review sites.

There are numerous specialized websites that provide reviews about employers. These platforms offer insights into company culture, management styles, and employee satisfaction. Additionally, some general employment-related websites may have reviews of the company. If the company is well-established, it has likely left a “mark” on the labor market.

2. Internet search.

The internet can provide a wealth of information about companies. By searching for reviews of employers and general information about the company, you can uncover current situations, existing problems, future plans, past performance, and more.

3. Social media.

Social networks are an excellent resource for gathering first-hand information about a company. By connecting with current and former employees on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and specialized professional networks, you can gain valuable insights into the company’s operations and culture.

4. Acquaintances.

Your network of acquaintances can be a valuable source of information. By asking around, you may be able to connect with a company employee or former employee who can provide insights into the company’s operations and culture.

It is especially advantageous to have employees of recruiting agencies as good acquaintances. The fact is that recruiters by duty have to communicate with a large number of applicants – employees of various organizations. In addition, they communicate with the heads of companies that are their clients, conduct trainings for HR managers, etc., which makes them very valuable sources of insider information.

What information should you gather about a company?

When researching a potential employer, it is essential to gather any relevant information. This may include:

* The specifics of the business and the company’s history and future plans
* The company’s expansion, downsizing, or stability status
* Real opportunities for career development and training
* Management style and characteristics
* Internal policies
* The situation with salary payments
* The internal “climate” within the team

You can add to this list any other points that are important to you.

It is important to note that the information gathered may not be entirely accurate, as opinions and motivations can vary among individuals. Reviews written by former employees may be subjective or influenced by resentment. Current employees may withhold information due to fear of repercussions.

In fact, a former employee may deliberately stigmatize the company as a kind of revenge. After all, it is quite possible that the employee was really bad at their duties, and was dismissed by the employer quite rightly.

As for the employees who continue to work in the company, they may hide something just in case.

Therefore, it is essential to gather information from multiple sources to ensure reliability.

We hope our article will help you with this.