Vitaly VitvitskyMy name is Vitaly Vitvitsky. I am an Employment and Career Consultant.

I have a diverse professional experience, including both doing own business and working in various companies. I happened to fulfill a wide range of duties working in absolutely different industries and on different positions. That involves Advertising, Publishing, Graphic Arts, Finance, Industrial Equipment, Career Guidance and Job Placement. My work experience counts more than 15 years.

I know very well what the work in both small businesses and large corporations, local and international, is about. Time and again I did my way from a newcomer to a key executive.

While working I happened to perform various duties: sales, advertising, PR, procurement, logistics, pricing, working out of commercial proposals, preparation of product catalogues, translations, content management, etc. Being engaged in recruitment I conducted interviews. I have also passed lots of interviews in different companies and recruiting agencies.

Due to the diverse experience I know very well the specifics of working in various industries, on different positions and in different businesses. I am capable of looking at the situation from the outside.

I am the editor of the Kazakhstan Career Textbook as well as the author of many articles in different publications dedicated to job search and the industries I worked in.

Since 2010 I’ve been working as an Employment & Career Consultant.

JobChase. How to Get the Job of Your DreamJobChase is one of my projects. I launched it in 2010, in Russian and for the people from the CIS countries. The English version of the web site, started in 2012, is intended for the international audience.

I’m sure that JobChase will help many jobseekers to get a good job and make a successful career.