To Go, or Not to Go to a Job Interview, that is the Question?

Many jobseekers are inclined to criticize HR managers: some have been spared too little time, some have been offended by direct questions; some have not been informed about the results of job interviews, etc. However, I offer you first look at yourself and think: do you do everything right during the job search, or have there also been some “sins”?

I suggest you to put yourself for a while in the place of the personnel department employee or other representative of the employer. Every day they face the same gross misconduct on the part of candidates. This code can be classified as business etiquette, rules of conduct when seeking employment or, in the end, basic rules of human behavior in society.

And the main of these violations is failure to fulfill the agreement to meet, that is, failure to appear for a job interview.

These are young jobseekers that miss job interview more often. However, from time to time older jobseekers do the same.

Sometimes it reduces to an absurdity: when arranging job interviews with young candidates, a recruiter must take into account the turnout and invite twice as many candidates as actually necessary. While at the first interviews, telephone or real ones, applicants argued strongly that they were interested in this work.

What drives such jobseekers (or, to be correct, does not drive)?

The main reasons are laziness, lack of self-discipline and self-motivation.

Yes, I am looking for a job… Yes, I’ve been invited for a job interview and agreed to meet the recruiter… But now it is cold (hot, raining, etc)… But a friend called me offering to hang out in a night club (friends asked to join them for a drink, etc)… Oh, I will have to get up early… No, I’d better not go. There will be many more job interviews!

Or another example. Before the scheduled job interview the jobseeker receives an offer from another employer and decides to accept it. So instead of calling the recruiter to inform on the job interview cancellation the jobseeker simply fails to appear for it.

Stop! Well, what then wonder that you cannot find a job? It is only you to blame. Well, with such an attitude you should be very lucky if you get any job at all! And what are you any better than the so-called “bad” employers?

So here’s my advice.

Go to ALL job interviews in companies and recruitment agencies to which you are invited. Do not refuse from any job interview (except those where you are likely to meet with rogue employers).

In fact, this also applies to the case when you have already decided to accept an offer from another company. You’d better go to the job interview anyway: you will lose nothing. If the first job proposal is really better, you will see the proof of your right choice.

Remember that every job interview is an important chance and a new opportunity. It is not only about getting a job. Each job interview is also an opportunity to improve your self-presentation skills, work out a confident behavior during job interviews, establish contacts that may be very useful in the future, better estimate your “cost” in the labour market, broaden your mind, etc.

If you do have some important circumstances that you really cannot go in for a job interview, be sure to tell the employer about it. If you do not want to talk in person, you can notify the employer by email or SMS.

Do unto others as you would have them done unto you.

Good luck in job search and future career!