How to Get a Job with No Experience?

Many young professionals, when applying for jobs, face with the requirement of employers to have a work experience. But to gain a working experience one should first get a job. Thus, a vicious circle arises, and many young professionals cannot find jobs, no matter how much they try. Espesially during crisis. So, how to get a job when you have no experience?

There was a time when I myself faced with similar difficulties in finding work. So I will give some advice from my experience to young jobseekers.

First, as early as possible, try to get whatever experience. If you cannot get a job, start with any company as a trainee, intern, volunteer, etc. Even without pay. For experience and a recommendation letter.

If you have already decided on a specific industry or even a company where you want to work then ask to employ you on any position such as “bring hither.” It’s worth it.

Secondly, look for the jobs where a work experience is not obligatory.

What kind of position can it be? In fact, there are many of them.

All kinds of sales agents: advertising, retail, insurance, real estate, etc. These jobs are always in a great many companies. Since such positions imply commission based payments (sometimes with a small salary), then to get such a job is much easier. What is good, some of such positions imply staff trainings (but do not agree to pay for the trainings!). By the way, there are a lot of ads from rogue employers among job postings for young people, so you should be careful.

Another type of jobs is that of a secretary, assistant, coffee lady, operator, dispatcher, etc.

In large chain stores that sell, for example, household appliances, you can get a job of a shop assistant. Apart from money, experience and recommendation letter you will also get the chance to make a career in a big company.

In addition, various trade firms and advertising agencies regularly hire promoters. This profession is reasonably popular among young people, too.

As a rule, for these jobs you need to look in the ads of employers other than recruitment agencies. Employers may recruit such personnel through staffing agencies in cases of mass recruitment, but this happens rarely.

Although requirements for these positions are relatively low, it is still very important to have a proper resume; a good cover letter can also help.

There are also other options for employment. You can work as a courier, waiter, porter… But I intentionally do not recommend it. In my opinion, in this case you will only earn some money other than gain an experience. But the experience is much more important, because pocket money means a satisfaction of short-term needs, while experience is an investment in your future.

And I want to warn you. Treat your work responsibly. Even if this is your first job, it does not matter. Start creating an exemplary reputation with the first day.

I hope you find a job, gain valuable experience and make a quick career!