How to Find a Job in Sales?

Sales manager

Sales is a unique professional field that can become a great “trampoline” for a future career, a source of significant earnings, and stories of success that you’ll want to share.

This article will be useful not only for those who are just about to start their career and are wondering whether to become a sales agent, but also for those who have been working in this field for a long time.


Advantages of Working in Sales

1. Large Number of Vacancies and Moderate Competition from Candidates

There are many job openings in sales, and the competition among candidates is relatively low. Vacancies can be found not only on large job portals and recruitment agencies but also on small job sites, local classifieds, and the “career” section of small companies. Since most job seekers fear sales as much as fire, you will have fewer competitors.

2. Easy to Get Hired

With fewer applicants, it is much easier to get hired for a sales position, especially for an agent role. Where else can you find such a profession?

3. Variety of Business Sectors

You can choose almost any industry that suits you. For example, advertising, media, marketing, banking, insurance, machinery and equipment, business supplies, real estate, recruitment, telecommunications, event management, and more. In general, almost any direction, because someone has to sell every product or service.

You can take a job in a specific industry in which you want to develop, or, on the contrary, change industries periodically during your working life. In doing so, you will remain in sales, but you will gain a unique cross-sectional view of different areas of the economy.

4. Chances of Getting a Job with No Experience

Many companies, especially those that often hire sales agents, provide training. Therefore, they agree to take on young people with no experience, or people of mature age, as long as they are active and goal-oriented.

5. Chances of Getting a Job without a Resume

In general, every applicant should have a resume, and not just any resume, but the one carefully and accurately composed. But, in principle, it is sometimes possible to get a job in a low-level sales position even without a resume.

6. Easy to Talk About Achievements at Job Interviews

Unlike applicants for other positions, a salesperson does not have to agonize over their work experience trying to extract professional achievements from it.

Your sales figures are the very best of achievements. Just talk about them, that’s all.

7. Commission-Only Work is Possible

There is an option of working without a fixed minimum salary at all. Some people like this, while others don’t. However, there is one undeniable advantage. If the employer only pays commissions (when the product or service is actually sold), they have nothing to lose. Therefore, getting a job as a sales agent will be very easy in one company or another.

8. Working for Multiple Companies is Possible

For example, you can sell products or services that complement each other. This way, you can earn more. If one activity starts generating the main income, you can switch to it full-time.

9. High Earnings Potential

If you have both a fixed salary and good commissions, there is no ceiling to your earnings. Closing a single deal worth millions can instantly earn you a significant amount, which your colleagues may earn over months of hard work.

10. Transition to Network Marketing

After gaining experience in sales, you can transition to MLM business (or combine it with your current work), earning multi-level commissions.

11. Training and Coaching

As a high-class expert in sales, you can earn a lot of money not only by selling but also by becoming a trainer for new salespeople. Many companies need professional instructors with practical experience.

12. Starting Your Own Business

The invaluable skill of selling anything to anyone will greatly help you in the future if you decide to start your own business.

Tips for Job Placement in Sales

1. Start with Advertising or Retail Sales

You can start your career as an advertising agent or even a salesperson in a store. These positions will be as easy as possible to get into, and you’ll also gain initial experience in sales and dealing with customers.

2. Determine Your Salary-Commission Ratio

The more fixed component in your overall salary, the more stable the position will be, and you will feel more secure. On the other hand, the higher the commission percentage, the more you can earn.

In addition, a more solid fixed salary implies a higher level of responsibility, when you will not just be a “free salesman”, but an employee who, in addition to numerous trips to meetings with clients must spend a lot of time in the office, performing various tasks of management.

3. Highlight Relevant Skills and Traits in Your Resume

In your resume, highlight the skills and personal traits relevant to sales, such as sales techniques, negotiation skills, market understanding, communication, and stress tolerance.

4. Sell Yourself at the Interview

At the job interview, you simply must “sell yourself.” Of course, for the maximum possible price. This will be the best demonstration of your selling skills.

The employer should just want to reach for their wallet and hand you an advance, just to get that outstanding sales manager on board.

5. Emphasize Achievements

In your resume and at the interview, emphasize your achievements. Tell about your successful deals and provide relevant statistics. You cannot mention confidential details of specific contracts, but prepare your portfolio of projects in advance.

You can, for example, ask customers for thank you letters, testimonials and use them as a demonstration of your successes.

6. Attend as Many Job Interviews as Possible

This will not only increase your chances of quick employment but also broaden your horizons and allow you to choose the most advantageous offer.

7. Be Firm with Employers

If you have extensive experience in sales and are confident in your exceptional sales abilities, be firm with employers. Do not let them negotiate you down to less favorable conditions. Remember that you must prioritize your interests, and the employer’s problems are their personal difficulties.

8. Consider Temporary Work

If your job search is taking too long, consider temporary work. You may have overestimated your requirements or the job market may not be favorable at the moment. In such cases, do not insist on your original conditions. Take the available job and see what happens next.

And lastly, a few more comments.

Sell honestly.

Do not spoil your karma. Do not sell a low-quality product or service, do not mislead the client, help them in case of any problems even after the purchase. Maintain communication, good relations with them. As the saying goes, you are responsible for those to whom you sold something.

Be loyal to your employer, but also don’t let them take advantage of you.

Just because competitors are ready to hire you right away doesn’t mean you can blackmail your boss with it or constantly demonstrate your importance and independence. At the same time, the employer should also value and respect you, understand who really brings income to the company, and not just perform, albeit very important, purely technical work.

Do not spend all the money, save for the future.

Make sure that large earnings do not put you in the trap of ever-increasing needs. There is no telling how long you will be able to ensure that you maintain your current level of income. Therefore, be sure to make savings, improve your financial literacy, invest and increase your capital.

I wish you success in your professional sales career and – high earnings!