Who is to Blame and What to Do?

So you’ve been looking for a job. You create accounts on job sites, browse jobs in newspapers, send out resumes in response to the ads and to the contacts taken from telephone directories, all potential employers in a row. From time to time you are invited to  interviews. But nothing happens in the end: you still cannot find a job. You are running out of money, nervous tension is increasing… Whom to blame?

Well, let’s recall the recent happenings. In some large company you had to fill out a bunch of forms, pass “stupid” tests, and eventually nobody called you. Then there was a job interview in a recruiting agency where you talked to an intelligent, bespectacled, girl recruiter. With the same result in the end.

Another was a very strange short interview in some company (do not remember the name) where you weren’t told anything definite since there were several other candidates waiting in the hallway. In addition, you received a few responses to e-mail, that your CV is recorded in the database. Yes, almost forgot… You have phoned a company in response to a job ad, but they did not want to talk and hung up. Ugh, don’t want to even remember!

STOP! Let’s start from the very beginning. Who is responsible for your fate, including your professional career? Only you!

Have you done EVERYTHING to find a job? Have you made up a plan of your actions to get a job, prepared a good resume (not to forget the cover letter)? Have you utilized all methods of job search? Have you been persistent, tenacious and determined in your way? What have you REALLY done, and are going to undertake in the coming days? Apart from referring to crisis.

Well, the answer is not very encouraging… Okay, so what to do now, you ask?

That’s what I tell you, you should never lose hart. You must arm yourself with energy, patience, and with renewed vigor to continue the job search. If you feel that you lack experience and knowledge in this respect, read some books and articles about job search. You may also consult an employment advisor.

But what you should never do is to try to blame someone, whether it’s the circumstances, bad luck, “stupid” HR managers, recruiters, or offhand executives. In fact, many of them are not that bad. And you are not ideal either.

Turn your energy into positive, constructive direction. And you will certainly achieve your aim! I would be pleased if JobChase will help you.

I wish you to quickly find a job and – a successful career!