An Employer and an Employee: Who Will Win?

There is an interesting thing to think about…

Generally, employer and employee, working together in one company, pursue the same goal: to make sure that the company successfully fulfils its tasks, becoming famous, prosperous and rich. And that is supposed to bring money to both the employer and the employee multiplying their experience and qualifications. Ideally. But what does it often turn out in reality?

Let’s consider the point of employment, i.e. the job interview. During the interview the employer acts as the BUYER, and the employee acts as the SELLER of his labour. And sometimes an interview goes on in the following way.

The employer tries to bring down the price. As much as he can. In the best traditions of the Eastern bargaining, and not only it (I call these techniques “Chinese tricks”). Bargaining, the employer depreciates the value of “the good” (i.e., prospective employee – you!), refers to various reasons, circumstances, etc.

For me, the employer that tries to “outsmart” the prospective employee looks ridiculous. And the reason why the employer behaves that way is to save on salary.

Well, if you happened to find yourself at such an interview, play up this game. In fact, it is not very good to play games with the employer. But it’s the employer who started this game, and you just do the same thing! Playing that game, the employer has freed your hands.

If you are not very experienced in such tricks, try to use your quick wits. And you’ll see that you are also able to negotiate, play diplomatic game, and to bargain more favorable conditions for yourself. You can even get excited…

Well, suppose, you have got a job to such an employer. Your goal seems to have been achieved. But is the game over? You are lucky, if it is. (Or have you got the taste? :))

Perhaps, the story will go on at that rate: your current boss will try to cheat you, one way or another, over and over again. For example, do not pay for something or pay less, to make you work beyond the stipulated time or volume, etc. Well, in this case you should think if it is worth working in this company…

Or have you got the taste? :)