To Work or to Resign?

In the life of each employee from time to time such situations happen that you want to drop everything, quit your job, be that as it may. But is it reasonable to go nowhere? And is it really so bad that you have to urgently leave the company you’ve been working for?

In fact, everything depends on your situation. I advise you not to undertake anything without good reason. First you should think, made up your mind and after that act.

Because in a fit of anger you may mess things up.
Because it is very undesirable in your professional career to burn bridges.
And because it is much more comfortable to seek a job when you have some source of income.

In this case it will be much more easier to get a job, and the likelihood of getting a higher salary will enlarge. And it is even more undesirable to rush dismissal if you have not been working for this company for a long time. So you should thoroughly weigh all pros and cons.

However, sometimes it happens, for one reason or another, that it is completely impossible to go on working for your company. Well, life is life. But then you must do your best to make it happen with minimal losses.

It is very important to PEACEFULLY part with your boss. In this case, there is a chance to get a good letter of recommendation and consent from your former boss to provide his phone number to potential employers to inquire about you.

The sooner you start your job search the better. You should start as soon as you understand that you do not see your future in this company. But as I said, you don’t need to hurry with dismissal. Find a new job first, and then resign.

I wish you to find the job of your dream, and – a successful career!