The Modest Jobseekers

Today I would like to talk about modesty. Not about the modesty that speaks well of any decent girl. But about the modesty that harms many jobseekers (of both sexes and all ages) on the way to successful job landing.

When I work with a client, I struggle trying to help him create the best resume. That is a resume that would include all the achievements, benefits, experience, skills, abilities and core competencies of the person. This is necessary because the opportunity to get to an interview, if not the job landing itself, depends on the right CV. In fact, getting to an interview is already half the battle.

But what frequently happens? People are shy to reveal their best qualities. They think it is IMMODEST. They think it goes without saying. They think that any jobseeker is supposed to have those qualities. That everybody can do it. That everybody would cope with your duties.

But think about it. Is it really EVERYBODY who can do it? Did your company employ you and “stand” you for a long time just because you did something somehow? Or you did your job very well?

Probably you have many advantages, strengths, and experience as a specialist which are important in your profession. Well, let’s put them on paper! Let the employer see them. Let YOU see them on your resume, too.

So I repeat it once again.

Take a moment and try to remember your work experience: what you did in a particular company, what your achievements were there, what skills you gained there, etc. To include this information in the resume is not only right, but VERY IMPORTANT. The facts about your professional career that are not applicable to a resume are to be written down separately. You will use this information when writing cover letters.

By the way, what about your letters of recommendation? Because it’s the same with the recommendation letters: your former employers should put in there your achievements, qualities, experiences, etc. You must always ask for letters of recommendation upon dismissal. Now, when you are trying to recall your achievements and strengths to include them in your resume, the opinions of your former bosses could help.

Well, following my advice, you have made an exemplary resume. And because of it (hooray!!) you’ve been invited for an interview at a major company or recruitment agency for a good job vacancy. How should you present yourself at an interview? Exactly the same way as you did it in your CV, i.e. to show all your experience, skills and achievements. That makes you stand out. That you will bring to the company, and are able to prove it.

And finally a couple of remarks. It should only be truth what you write in your resume or say at an interview. No use to fabricate something: a lie will be revealed anyway.

Do not be modest, but do not be overconfident. Nobody likes the snobs with devil-may-care attitude. You should keep up balance in everything.

I wish you to find the job of your dream and am always ready to help you!