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21 Feb, 2012

The Modest Jobseekers

By Vitaly Vitvitsky | Category: Resume

Today I would like to talk about modesty. Not about the modesty that speaks well of any decent girl. But about the modesty that harms many jobseekers (of both sexes and all ages) on the way to successful job landing.

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17 Feb, 2012

To Work or to Resign?

By Vitaly Vitvitsky | Category: Career

In the life of each employee from time to time such situations happen that you want to drop everything, quit your job, be that as it may. But is it reasonable to go nowhere? And is it really so bad that you have to urgently leave the company you’ve been working for?

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Officers of Russian Federal Migration Service (FMS) visited LG Electronics plant near Moscow. The audit found 178 illegal workers employed at this LG plant, Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported yesterday.

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12 Feb, 2012

Who is to Blame and What to Do?

By Vitaly Vitvitsky | Category: Job Search

So you’ve been looking for a job. You create accounts on job sites, browse jobs in newspapers, send out resumes in response to the ads and to the contacts taken from telephone directories, all potential employers in a row. From time to time you are invited to  interviews. But nothing happens in the end: you still cannot find a job. You are running out of money, nervous tension is increasing… Whom to blame?

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10 Feb, 2012

Is it Necessary to Put a Photo on a Resume?

By Vitaly Vitvitsky | Category: Resume

Initially, the presence or absence of a photo in a resume does not seem to be an important thing. However, under certain circumstances it is quite capable of changing the employer’s decision as to whether to invite you for a job interview or not.

So should a photo be included on a CV? Some career advisors believe that putting picture on a resume is wrong. Others do not mind.

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07 Feb, 2012

An Employer and an Employee: Who Will Win?

By Vitaly Vitvitsky | Category: Interview

There is an interesting thing to think about…

Generally, employer and employee, working together in one company, pursue the same goal: to make sure that the company successfully fulfils its tasks, becoming famous, prosperous and rich. And that is supposed to bring money to both the employer and the employee multiplying their experience and qualifications. Ideally. But what does it often turn out in reality?

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03 Feb, 2012

Working For Money or For the Fun of the Thing?

By Vitaly Vitvitsky | Category: Career

What do we work for? I’m not going to say that labour is one of the natural human needs, that’s another subject. Of course, we work to have something to live on, keep ourselves and our families, meet our needs. In other words, we have to sell our labour to the employer in exchange for the corresponding compensation. However, if you like your job, it is interesting. And this interest may tern into love, habit, passion, and even addiction. What many employers are glad to use.

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