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05 Nov, 2012

“Mountains of Gold”, or Should You Believe the Employer?

By Vitaly Vitvitsky | Category: Interview

So, you have finally been invited to a job interview. The employer tells you fascinating stories about the enormous prospects and opportunities that you will get being employed in their company, promising mountains of gold, milk and honey. But should you believe such promises of the employer?

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17 Apr, 2012

Free Pre-Employment Task Project: Agree or Disagree?

By Vitaly Vitvitsky | Category: Interview

Sometimes during a job interview it happens that the employer offers you to carry out some task as a condition for further progress in the employment stages (i.e. getting to the next job interview). It is one thing if the passing of some tests is concerned, but it is something quite different if you are supposed to do some serious work. So, what should you undertake in such a situation?

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21 Mar, 2012

When is it Worth Working on Commission?

By Vitaly Vitvitsky | Category: Job Search

Frankly speaking, I’m not a supporter of the commission-based payment system. Moreover, I do not like it. Nevertheless, I used to work on commission for a long time and can tell you a lot about it.

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14 Mar, 2012

To Go, or Not to Go to a Job Interview, that is the Question?

By Vitaly Vitvitsky | Category: Interview

Many jobseekers are inclined to criticize HR managers: some have been spared too little time, some have been offended by direct questions; some have not been informed about the results of job interviews, etc. However, I offer you first look at yourself and think: do you do everything right during the job search, or have there also been some “sins”?

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08 Mar, 2012

How to Get a Job with No Experience?

By Vitaly Vitvitsky | Category: Job Search

Many young professionals, when applying for jobs, face with the requirement of employers to have a work experience. But to gain a working experience one should first get a job. Thus, a vicious circle arises, and many young professionals cannot find jobs, no matter how much they try. Espesially during crisis. So, how to get a job when you have no experience?

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04 Mar, 2012

Is it Easy to Get a Job through Recruitment Agencies?

By Vitaly Vitvitsky | Category: Job Search

As I said before, while searching a job you should use all means available. Resume submission to recruitment agencies is considered to be one of the main ways of job search. Nevertheless, many candidates face difficulties when trying to find a job through a recruitment agency. So why does it happen?

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25 Feb, 2012

What Salary Should You Ask for at an Interview?

By Vitaly Vitvitsky | Category: Interview

It is plain that every jobseeker wants to be paid more. But what salary should you ask for during an interview so that not to make a bad bargain and at the same time not to scare off an employer?

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